There are tremendous resources in the Christian church in Haringey, just waiting to be unlocked and released – and we’re not talking about money! We’re talking about “human” resources! People who want to demonstrate God’s love in practical service; who are passionate about seeing their community transformed; who are motivated by God’s love for all people and who harbour dreams and visions of making a positive difference

Christian unity is a significant key to releasing this great resource. Not uniformity, for the diversity within the church is essential, but a unity of heart and purpose that allows us to minister to and bless the wider community in a more strategic and effective manner.

Christian congregations can often waste resources duplicating the work that others are also trying to do. Or we may feel that as an individual, or a single congregation, we’re just too small or insignificant to initiate community-impacting projects.

The vision of Bless Haringey is to build bridges of friendship and dialogue across the entire Christian community to bring about a greater awareness of what we’re all doing and wanting to do. The goal is to see more strategic partnerships, better use of all resources, a greater release of people to fulfil their dreams and visions and ultimately, greater benefit to the whole community.

Text Box: “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me”
Prayer of Jesus for His Church.
John 17:23

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Community impact through Christian unity

Bless Haringey